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    PowerUp Overview

    In order to prepare Houston’s students for a world beyond the four walls of a classroom, HISD has launched PowerUp, a districtwide initiative aimed at transforming teaching and learning. PowerUp is all about creating a personalized learning environment for today’s 21st-century learners and to enable teachers to more effectively facilitate instruction, manage curriculum, collaborate with their peers, and engage today’s digitally wired students. 

    In January of 2015, Jane Long Academy "Powered Up" for the first time, and the campus is excited about continuing our journey with student laptops. 

     2015-2016 Laptop Policies & Expectations 

    A HP Elite Book laptop will be loaned to all Jane Long Academy students for the 2015-2016 school year.

    To receive a laptop, students must return 2 things:

    1.     A signed Student Laptop Loan Agreement (with a parent/guardian signature)

    2.     $25 non-refundable security deposit (cash only - no checks)

    Jane Long Academy is committed to HISD’s PowerUp initiative, and, therefore, expects all students to receive a laptop.

     Students must comply with the Student Laptop Loan Agreement at all times.  

     Major 2015-2016 Non-Negotiables Student Laptop Expectations:

    • A student must have his/her laptop to enter class.
    • A student must have his/her laptop in the school-issued case 100% of the time. 
    • A student must come to school with laptops fully charged.
    • A student must prevent laptop damage.