School History

  •  In the early 1950's, the Oak Forest area was expanding rapidly. Built as a relief school, Lulu M. Stevens opened its doors in March of 1952. About 600 students transferred from Oak Forest Elementary along with a number of the faculty. Dr. Joseph Diahron, principal of Oak Forest, acted as principal of Stevens, for the rest of that school year.


    Stevens began to function as an independent school in September, 1954, when the first principal, Miss Margaret McConnell who appointed. She had previously been the principal of Cage Elementary and taught at River Oaks Elementary before that.


    The original building had 14 classrooms. In 1959, the first additional permanent building, with 8 classrooms were added. In 1961, a second additional building was built with 10 classrooms and a library. In 2005, Stevens was part of a school remodel initative.