Ms. Lulu M. Stevens

  • Lulu M. Stevens Lulu M. Stevens was born on a farm near Mount Vernon, Iowa, on January 5, 1881. Miss Stevens earliest education was received in country schools.


    After graduating from Grinnell College in Grinnell, Iowa, she moved to Chicago where she attended the Chicago Conservatory of Music. After receiving her degree, she was appointed music critic at Iowa State Teacher's College in Cedar Falls, Iowa.


    Miss Stevens came to Houston in 1915 as Assistant Supervisor of Music in HISD. A year later, she became the director. Those who knew her describe her as having a gracious manner, and having a magic way with children. She held the position until the time of her retirement in 1942. Miss Stevens then moved to California where she passed away in North Hollywood on July 31, 1942 at age 61.


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