Intructors: CW4 Stephen L. Turner and SFC Thomas Bores 
    JROTC's 9th Battalion strives for excellence and distinction. Our program teaches cadets how to become future leaders and gives those cadets leadership positions that teach responsibilities, leadership skills, and self confidence. As you look through our webpage, you will see why 9th battalion "Leads The Way!" Click Here for Waltrip JROTC website

    First Friday is an informational teleconference designed to inform Houston ISD students about their United States Military career options. The primary audience is Houston ISD students not enrolled in a JROTC Program. 

    During this first discussion, panelists will provide a brief overview of each of the military services.  Our goal is to finish in enough time to allow for questions. 

    Panelists are not recruiting students for the military.  We are providing information based upon our varied military experiences as well as clearly summarizing and articulating the information available from various sources.   

    Tentative future discussions:

    January - Differences between commissioned officers, warrant officers, and enlisted personnel 

    February - Differences between active duty, reserves, and national guard 

    March - Enlistment; what to expect at initial training (officer and enlisted) and follow-on training  

    April - Benefits from serving in the military 

    May - TBD