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    School Hours
    7:30 - 2:50  Daily
    Learning begins at 7:30 every day.  Please be on time!
  • Breakfast in the classrooms          

    Sutton offers free "First Class Breakfast" to every student. Hot breakfast is delivered to the classrooms after the tardy bell rings at 7:30. HISD menus feature lots of whole grains, low-fat proteins, and new this year, more variety and larger portions of fruits and veggies. Menus are available at the HISD Food Services website.


  • Standard Mode of Dress
    Sutton Elementary requests that your child dresses in the following clothing:
    • Solid red polo collar shirt (long or short sleeved)
    • Khaki, pants or skirt with shorts underneath (hems on shorts and skirts must be no higher than 2 inches above the knee) 
    • Flat rubber soles shoes must be worn on physical education days.  Please contact our child's teacher for scheduled physical education days. No heels or unsafe shoes may be worn.
  • Teacher Conferences
    Conferences with your child's teacher must be scheduled in advance.  Please contact the school at 713-778-3400 or write a note to the teacher requesting a conference with your child's teacher.  Once a conference time has been set up, please sign in at the front office and wait for your child's teacher to escort you to the conference.
  • Arrival and Dismissal procedures
    Please notify your child's teacher of how they will go home daily.  If your child goes home a different way you must send a note to the teacher to let them know how they will go home.  If no note is sent, your child will go home as previously directed. 
    Arrival:Sutton has two drop off zones in the morning for car riders and one entrance point for walkers and bike riders.  Supervision is not provided before 7:00.  Please do not drop off your children before this time as they will not be allowed to enter the school.
    • Students may be dropped off at the main school entrance on Albacore after 7:00.  No left turns are allowed from Sharpview into the drop off lane during arrival and dismissal hours.
    • Students may be dropped off at the second gate on Triola after 7:00. This gate is locked promptly at 7:30 and all students must then enter from the main entrance on Albacore. No left hand turns are allowed from the horseshoe drop off during arrival times.
    • Students will wait in the main building near the cafeteria until 7:15.  At 7:15 pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, first, second and third grade classes will be allowed to wait outside their classroom door until 7:25.  Fourth and fifth grade students will wait in the hallway between the cafeteria and library until 7:25 when they will then be dismissed to the classes.
    • Walkers and bicycle riders may enter the school grounds at the walkers gate on Sharpview near the playground where they will then enter the main building and wait in the appropriate spot for their grade level.  Bicycle rack area available on the playground for students to lock up their bicycles. Car riders are not allowed to be dropped of at the walkers gate at any time.
    Dismissal: There are five dismissal areas at Sutton.
    • Walkers are dismissed from front he Walkers Gate on Sharpview.  Parents are not allowed to enter the school grounds until all students walking home alone have been dismissed.
    • Car riders dismiss from 3 areas depending on the age of the oldest child being picked up.
      • Pre-Kindergarten, kindergarten and first grade students are dismissed from the main entrance on Albacore.  Please wait in line and pick up your child from one of the 3 stations available on the front porch.  You must pick up your child in a car, you may not walk to the main entrance to pick up your child during dismissal time.
      • If you oldest child in in second or third grade you may pick up second grade, first grade, kindergarten and pre-kindergarten student from the Little Triola gate.  The little Triola gate is the second gate on Triola where the horseshoe lane is located near the walking train.  Please stay in line and pass through the first gate on Triola near the temporary buildings until you get to the second gate.  Left hand turns are not allowed from the horseshoe at dismissal time. 
      • If your oldest child in in fourth of fifth grade, you may pick up all of your children at Big Triola gate which is the first gate on Triola.  Please wait in line and do not make any left hand turns from Big Triola during dismissal time.  Do not turn left from Albacore onto Triola  please wait in line on Albacore and turn right on Triola to pick up students from the Big or little Triola gate.
    • Bus riders and daycare bus riders will be dismissed from the Bintliff gate.
    Please do not park on the street surrounding the school during dismissal time.  This adds to the congestion and traffic. We dismiss over 1,000 students at dismissal time.  Your cooperation with the rules is necessary for the safety and well being of all children on campus.