• The only place to drop off your children at West Briar is at the car pool lane located on the side of the school on Park Bayou. In addition, the drive in front of the school on Brimhurst Drive is limited to official HISD school buses or those dropping off handicapped children. We cannot allow other vehicles through immediately before or after school due to the congestion it causes, in addition, the fire lane must be kept clear for emergency vehicles at all times.


    These safety precautions also apply to picking up your children after school. We know it takes additional time to go through the car pool area off of Park Bayou, so please plan to be in the vicinity of WBMS by 7:45 am to ensure your child gets to class on time and have patience after school. Keep in mind that the school has jurisdiction within 300 feet of our property and students can be disciplined for being dropped off in unsafe areas. Please follow the rules and don’t put your child in a difficult, and often dangerous, position. We have their welfare at heart.


    Please be sure to arrange timely transportation each day for your child. We do not have the staff resources to supervise students after 4:00pm. If there is a delay in getting a ride home, tutorials are offered after school and students are encouraged to attend. Otherwise, all students must be under the direct supervision of a teacher or coach if they are on campus after 4:00pm. 




    Visitors to West Briar Middle School should park in front of the school facing the main entrance on Brimhurst Drive in the spaces designated for that purpose, EXCEPT during the hours of 7:30-8:30 am and 3:30-4:00 pm on school days. Please do not park in reserved spaces or the fire lane! If the lot is full, you may park in the staff parking lot on the side of the school on Park Bayou or on the street in front of the school on Brimhurst Drive.


    Please view the West Briar MS Car Rider Map explaining the West Briar Community and what roads you can and cannot park on. Be mindful of students, staff, and parents coming and going from our campus. 


    #BeKind to our #GrizzlyNation