• Bus Code of Conduct

    Bus transportation is a privilege that can be revoked. The time spent on the bus is considered an extension of the school day. All school rules apply. A student who misbehaves on the bus may lose bus-riding privileges. METRO bus riders are held to the same standards.

    Students riding the bus should remember:

    • Stand away from the road while waiting for the bus.
    • Exhibit appropriate behavior at the bus stop. Behavior that is disruptive, destructive or unsafe for traffic will not be tolerated.
    • Be on time Buses are not required to wait for students.
    • Board the bus in an orderly manner.  Do not stand when seats are available. Fill seats in the rear first. If it is necessary for you to stand, hold on to the handrail. Do not change seats while the bus is in motion.
    • Do not distract the driver by making unusual noises, shouting or creating a disturbance. Do not speak to the driver unless absolutely necessary.
    • Keep belongings and legs out of the aisles.
    • Do not throw objects out of the window. Do not extend any part of your body out of the window.
    • Smoking or tobacco use of any kind is prohibited on the bus.
    • Keep the bus litter free.
    • Ride only your assigned bus and get off at your assigned stop. No variations are allowed.
    • Obey the driver. He or she is an HISD employee with responsibility for your safety. If a driver experiences any disciplinary problems, he or she will inform the Austin Administration.
    • Know your bus driver's name and route number.
    • When your bus arrives at school, come directly on campus.
    • When crossing the street from the bus stop, use approved crosswalks. Jaywalking is a violation of city ordinance (meaning you could be cited.) Also, jaywalking is dangerous, and could trigger an accident resulting in serious injury or death.
    • When your HISD bus arrives late, immediately go to your Academy Administrator to get a pass to class.