• Stephen F. Austin High School

    Pillars of The Mini-Academy 


    Competency-Based Learning – Students engage in a fluid learning environment that pushes them to demonstrate mastery in learning objectives before progressing to the next standard. Students receive individualized instruction that is tailored to their specific and individual learning needs. Students make progress regardless of time, place, or pace of learning.

    Student Learner Profiles Students have an individualized learner profile that contains detailed information on students’ academic progress, college and career goals, learning styles, and likes and dislikes. The goal at Austin High School is for students to have agency over their learning that is driven by the information in their profile. 

    Project Based Learning/ Maritime – Students engage in cross-curricular projects aligned to our maritime pathway. These projects provide students with real life industry experiences and provide them with the skills necessary to work in a collaborative workforce.  

    Culture – A strong and supportive culture is the anchor for our work. All students within the mini-academy are provided with a mentor that helps them navigate the complexities of high school. This mentor serves to help students establish agency in both personal and academic goals and engage in continuous reflection to meet those goals. Additionally, all students work toward personal independence through the explicit teaching and execution of character strengths, such as self-control and perseverance.