Click here if you are interested in College Algebra in order to begin enrollment process. 
    Houston Community College (HCC) provides high school students the opportunity to earn college credit and high school credit through concurrent enrollment with HCC while still in high school. Courses which do not require assessment standards include Computer Networking courses, Engineering courses, Information Technology courses and Maritime courses. 
    Students demonstrating college readiness through a State of Texas approved college placement test can earn dual credit by taking an approved college class offered at a high school, HCC campus, or online. TSI will be administered at Austin High School November 17, 2015. Please see Mrs. Square to sign up. Courses which require assessment standards include Federal Government, Introduction to Psychology, Introduction to Sociology, College Algebra and Teaching Profession Courses
    Dual Credit classes are taught by educators who are expected to mirror the profile of a traditional college instructor (e.g., credentials, course rigor) and classroom (e.g., instructional materials/equipment)
    Mrs. Square is Stephen F. Austin's point of contact and is located in C223. 
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