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    Pin Oak serves the needs of our gifted and talented students through our Gifted and Talented Neighborhood program. HISD’s Gifted and Talented neighborhood programs are designed to meet the needs of Gifted and Talented students in grades K-12 at their neighborhood (zoned) schools. Gifted and Talented Neighborhood programs provide a differentiated curriculum by modifying the depth, complexity, and pacing of the general school program.


    Students in all three houses (House A, B, and C) have equal opportunities for level courses regardless of the student’s type of transfer to our school. Gifted and Talented status does not affect a student’s admission to Pin Oak; it is a means of meeting the needs of students after they have been accepted.





    Gifted and Talented testing is available for any student attending Pin Oak Middle School. Please submit a Request for Gifted and Talented Evaluation online in HISD Connect (directions below) or complete one of the paper Gifted and Talented Testing Applications below and return it to Mrs. Ashly Evans Vining at aevans15@houstonisd.org by (date TBD).


    Directions for Parents Requesting G/T Evaluation Through HISD Connect


    G/T Testing Application (English)


    G/T Testing Application (Spanish)


    G/T Testing Application (Vietnamese)


    G/T Testing Application (Arabic)





    Q. Who can test?

    A. Any student attending Pin Oak may test for G/T.


    Q. If my child was previously identified by HISD, do they need to test again?

    A. No. Any child identified by HISD as G/T retains identification unless they leave HISD or the parent requests the child to be removed from G/T. 

    *Please note that students who were identified outside of HISD must be identified by HISD. G/T identification does not transfer from one district to another. 


    Q. What steps do I need to take to have my child tested?

    A. Follow the directions on how to request testing through HISD Connect linked above.  


    Q. If I am an 8th grader applying to Carnegie HS who is not currently G/T identified, do I need to complete the G/T Testing Application in addition to the Magnet Program Application?

    A. YES. You must follow the steps above to request GT testing through HISD Connect.  The Magnet Program Application does not replace the Gifted and Talented Testing Application. 


    Q. When is the deadline to apply to take the G/T Test?

    A. The deadline to apply to take the Gifted and Talented identification test is February 3, 2023.


    Q. When is the Pin Oak Testing Window for G/T Testing?

    A. Testing will be in February 2023.


    Q. Who should I talk to if I have more questions?

    A. Please email Mrs. Ashly Evans Vining at aevans15@houstonisd.org.





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    G/T Program Assistant Principal
    Ashly Evans Vining
    Phone: 713-295-6500

    G/T Program Office Assistant
    Edit Churchill
    Phone: 713-295-6500