• G/T Vanguard Program

    Pin Oak serves the needs of our gifted and talented students through our Vanguard Neighborhood program. HISD’s Vanguard Neighborhood programs (formerly known as Neighborhood G/T) are designed to meet the needs of G/T students in grades K-12 at their neighborhood (zoned) schools. Both Vanguard Magnet and Vanguard Neighborhood programs provide a differentiated curriculum by modifying the depth, complexity, and pacing of the general school program.

    We encourage all students who have been accepted to Pin Oak Middle School to apply for the Vanguard Neighborhood program. Students in all three houses (House A, B, and C) have equal opportunity for GT/Pre-AP level courses regardless of the student’s type of transfer to our school. Vanguard status does not affect a student’s admission to Pin Oak; it is a means of meeting the needs of students after they have been accepted.

    To learn more about HISD's Gifted and Talented Services, please visit their website