• Pin Oak Middle School


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    All students attending Pin Oak Middle School will be required to follow the Pin Oak Code of Dress.  All articles of the uniform are to be maintained and worn in a way that represents the individual students and the school in a positive way.  Students are required to wear the uniform dress to the campus and throughout the entire day until leaving after school.  Changing clothes in the restroom prior to leaving school is not permitted. 

    Failure to comply with the uniform dress code will result in disciplinary action.  The consequences for not meeting the expectations include:

    First Offense:                          Note to discipline record and review of policy.  The parent may be required to bring appropriate garments BEFORE the student may return to class.

    Additional Offenses:               Same as above plus the student may be assigned additional disciplinary consequences including, but not limited to detention or in-school suspension.

    All clothing must be:

    ·         Solid colored, without variations or patterns

    ·         Clean, neat, mended [no rips, holes, cuts, etc., that extend through the fabric].

    ·         Properly fitted. Clothing should be neither skin-tight nor excessively baggy.

    ·         Without ornamentation [words, pictures, logos, etc.] other than the official Pin Oak logo on Pin Oak items.

    “Tops” [clothing above the waist]:

    ·         Colors:  white, royal blue or light gray.  Please check with office personnel for color sample if needed.

    ·         Fabrics:  cotton or cotton blend

    ·         Must wear a polo shirt or oxford shirt, long or short sleeved with a collar

    ·         Only a Pin Oak logo is permitted.

    ·         Shirts must be tucked into the bottoms during the school day and whenever in the building.

    ·         Undershirts may be worn in one of the three approved colors.  Turtleneck and long-sleeved shirts may be worn under regular uniform shirts as long as the shirt is tucked in and in an approved color (noted above).

    ·         A solid gray, white, or royal blue sweater or sweatshirt may be worn over students’ regular uniform apparel.  Sweatshirts may have a hood or zipper. 

    ·         Any clothing item purchased in the school store and any official team or club sweatshirt or jacket may be worn as appropriate. 

     “Bottoms” [clothing below the waist]:

    ·         Colors:  Navy blue, khaki, blue denim, or official school tartan

    ·         Fabrics:  denim, twill, or corduroy

    ·         May be pants, skirts, shorts, skorts, capris, or jumper

    ·         Must be fitted at the waistline [except jumpers]

    ·         The shortest part must be no more than 2” above the knee. A slit in the skirt can be no higher than the kneecap. The hem can’t touch the floor when standing.

    ·         Leggings or tights (not sweatpants) may be worn under skirts.  Acceptable colors include solid white, light gray, navy, khaki, or black.  Skirts are still expected to maintain appropriate length.

    Accessories and Grooming Standards:

    ·         Shoes must be closed-toe and have a “rubber” sole.  The thickness of the heel and/or sole may not be more than one inch.

    ·         School-issued student ID badge must be visible at all times.

    ·         Jewelry, make-up and other such matters are permissible unless they are distracting, disruptive in the classroom or specifically addressed in this planner. 

    ·         No writing with markers, pens, or other writing utensils is allowed on shirts, hoodies, or bottoms. Exposed tattoos and/or use of pens, pencils, or markers to make marks on the skin are also inappropriate for school and expressly prohibited.

    ·         No hats or head-covering other than those required by religious practice.  Hoods must stay down while on HISD property or during school events.

    ·         Book bags or backpacks must be placed in the student’s locker before going to the first class of the day.  It remains in the locker until the end of the day.  If a bag or purse is large enough to hold a textbook, it is a book bag and must be kept in the locker.  Small storage bags for supplies and other necessary items may be brought into the classroom. 

    ·         Personal grooming is restricted to restroom facilities.

    Makeup/Body Piercing/Hair Color/Heavy Chains:  Your appearance should not be such a distraction that it disrupts the educational process.

    ·         Excessive make-up, any body piercing (other than appropriate earrings) and hair color other than a natural shade are not permitted

    ·         Excessive bracelets and bracelets with metal spikes are not permitted

    ·         Tattoos should not be visible at any time

    ·         Heavy chains and dog collars are not permitted

    ·         Any jewelry deemed gang-related will be confiscated

    ·         Earrings with hoops larger than a quarter are not permitted

    ·         Engraving on any jewelry must be appropriate.  Any jewelry containing vulgar language or pictures will be confiscated requiring pick up by a parent/guardian.

    ·         Administrative Discretion:   An administrator will determine appropriateness (including those issues noted above).  MAKE WISE CHOICES.

    Special Circumstances and Events:

    ·         On Fridays, in addition to regular dress code appropriate items, students may also choose to wear approved Pin Oak spirit, club, athletic, or organizational shirts.  Additionally, once a month, as designated, students may wear their favorite college t/sweat shirt.

    ·         Pin Oak team and organization uniforms may be worn on approved days.  When team uniforms are permitted to be worn during the school day, they must be worn in a way that meets dress code guidelines – sleeves, length, etc. 

    ·         Field trips – Students must wear the regular dress code attire when attending a field trip; even if the trip is on Friday or a free dress day.  Casual Friday attire and free dress day attire is never permitted for students attending a field trip. 

    ·         On Free Dress Days,  students are expected to maintain dress code standards (see definition of “Tops” and “Bottoms” above) with the following exceptions:

    o    May wear any color.

    o    May have any ornamentation which is not disruptive or offensive.

    o    A polo or oxford shirt is not required, but a shirt with sleeves must be worn.

    o    Pajama apparel is not appropriate for school.

    o    Additional criteria may be announced for special days.

    Pin Oak administration reserves the right to determine if a student’s dress is a disruption to the educational process.  All such decisions are final.