Jeff Davis Mission Statement

    To become a united group capable of winning this state’s most prestigious events exhibiting both intelligence and focus dedicated to peak performing as players in the areas of technique, tactics, training, and mental preparation.


    Team Goal

    Barrier Breaking Goal-Class 5A State Finalist

    Attainable Goal-Region 3 Finalist

    Realistic Goal-District Champions, Top 4 in standing, State Play-offs


    Respect, we have the capability, success breeds pride, power, and opportunity


    Hardwork, work as a team, consistent weight/practice attendance, choose to be serious, focus on mission, and the right attitude.


    Team:  Each and every Individual person / collective accountability

    Where? When?

    Everywhere—Now, Games, training, weekends

    Obstacles = Solutions 
    Friends, family and doubters = maintain Focus on the big picture
    Poor attitude / discipline = Positive attitude / team accountability

    Injuries = Warm –up / Cool Down / Nutrition / Sleep / Good Decisions

    Wrong approach = The right approach

    Winning the wrong way = Winning the right way by executing the coaches objective