• Fantastic 4th Grade  

    FANTASTIC 4th Grade

    Jill Williams 

    Alexandrea Ingraham

    Kimberly Simmons

    Edmund Locander

    Delayne McIlveen


    Lovett Elementary 4th grade teachers are a community of lifelong learners that demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and values required for growing students in the areas of Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies. We cultivate a respectful learning environment where adventures and academic risks are encouraged.  

    Experience:  77 Years of Teaching



    Masters in Math Education

    Masters in Administration (2)

    Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education (3)

    Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

    Bachelor of Arts in History

    Generalist EC-4

    Generalist EC-6 (2)

    Generalist 1-8 (2)

    Principal Certification (2)

    English as a Second Language (2)

    Special Education EC-12

    Physical Education

    Social Studies 8-12


    Lifelong Learners

    Well read and research obsessed

    Adventure Seekers

    Donorschoose Masters

    Works with a variety of learners

    Flexible and collaborative

    Varied interests


    Lovett Parents