• Our Shared Decision Making Model is based on the premise that decisions that affect the school should be made as close to the school as possible, and that members of the school community who are affected by those decisions should have input into the decision-making process. The SDMC shall be involved in decisions in the areas of planning, budgeting, curriculum, staffing patterns, staff development and school organization.

Upcoming Meetings

  • The Lovett SDMC Meets on the 3rd Thursday of month. Meeting dates are as follows:
     Date:  Time:
     September 10,2020  3:15
    October 20,2020  3:15
     November 19,2020  3:15
    December 17, 2020  3:15
    February 18, 2021  3:15
     April 15, 2021  

2020-2021 Committee Members

First Name Last Name Email Title
Dawn Thompson Principal
Sandy Blankfield Business Partner
Myra Bowyer Parent
Sarah Joseph Parent
Alex King Alexandra.King@houstonisd.or School-Based Staff
Eva Loeb Community Member
Tanya Perez Non-Instructional Staff
Cory Thompson Teacher
Erica Williams Teacher
Amber Yother Special Education Teacher

SDMC Agendas