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    Suiki Schaffer Boardman, R.N., M.S.
    Phone 713-295-5258   x 199106
    Fax     713-295-5291 
    The Nurse's Clinic is open from 7:00am until 3:30pm during regularly scheduled school days.  The office is located in the main office, administrative hallway, and is also accessible from the main hallway.   If you need to meet with the school nurse after regular school hours, please contact the nurse to request an appointment.
    Check out the tabs on the left for helpful information and tips for all students and parents. 
    •  Temperature of 100 degrees F or greater within the past 24 hours.  Students should be fever free for 24 hours without medication before returning to school.
    •  Vomiting or diarrhea within the past 24 hours
    •  Strep infections of any kind, untreated ringworm, conjunctivitis, or impetigo.  These are contagious infections and should be treated with medications for a  least 24 hours before return to school.
    • Rash of unknown origin - this may indicate many different things and should be checked by your pediatrician
    • Untreated lice infestation - once treated, children are permitted back in class as long as no live lice are noted.
    Students are advised to stay at home if suffering from active illness in order to protect other students and staff from possible virus/disease transmission. Students should remain at home until their illness is resolved.  Parents are encouraged to report all confirmed/suspected contagious diseases to the school nurse.
    Texas Law mandates that certain screenings are done on students in public schools.  At Lovett, all new students, PK, K, and students in 1st, 3rd, and 5th grade are screened for Vision, Hearing, and  Acanthosis Nigricans (AN).  AN is a skin marker that is associated with insulin problems and is considered a risk for Type 2 diabetes and other chronic illnesses.  These screenings are generally done during the fall semester. 5th grade girls will be screened for scoliosis.  If any problems are identified, a referral letter is sent home to the parents for follow-up.
    Please consider placing a change of weather-appropriate clothes for your child in his/her backpack. I have a LIMITED supply of clothing items that have been kindly donated by parents to offer to students who need a change of clothes during the school day.  If your child brings these donated clothes home, please launder them and return them to the clinic.  Thank you for your assistance.


    HISD is offering NO-COST Flu Shots to all HISD Students.  We strongly encourage every student to receive the flu vaccine.  Shots will be available at Lovett on Tuesday, December 4, from 7:40am – 10:30am.  Staff from Healthy Schools, will administer the vaccinations, in the Science Lab, beginning with Kindergarten.

    Registration for the free flu shot program is now closed.


    Please feel free to contact the Lovett Nurse, Suiki Boardman,  if you have any questions.