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    Suiki Schaffer Boardman, R.N., M.S.
    Cell Phone 713-254-6943
    Lovett Families and Students,
    As we embark on this "new norm" of social distancing and virtual interaction, please know that I am available to assist you as needed.
    This site will be updated frequently to keep you informed of the latest updates and information, along with resources available to assist you.
    If you need assistance with any of the following, please contact me, via email or text:
    •  picking up any medications left in the school nurse's clinic
    •  obtaining a copy of your child's latest immunization record
    •  obtaining a copy of your child's eye glass prescription if you participated in the UH Eye Clinic field trip
    •  psycho-social intervention - emotional support  for your student
     The City of Houston and Harris County have a website to provide information regarding available resourses, including food, economic, educational ane others.  You can access at
    Houston ISD Food Distribution Sites  Week of May 4
    Houston/ Harris County Parks Department- Community Service Centers will have Curbside Meals (snacks and lunch) for all youth (ages 1 to 18), Monday-Friday between 1p and 3p, on a first come first serve basis. Child must be present. See the link below for locations 
    HISD continues to monitor the  impact of the Coronavirus for the HISD Community.   Information and health updates from HISD can be found on their website:  www.hisd.org/healthalerts
    You can also obtain the latest, accurate information from the CDC at https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html
    Testing locations for Covid-19 testing throughout Houston and Harris County are listed below.  Sites are subject to change and updates:
       HarrisReady   www.HarrisReady.org 
     While monitoring efforts continue, we advise everyone to follow basic  measures to stay healthy:
    •  practice/adhere to all city, county, and state guidelines; including social distancing and self-isolation
    •  wash your hands often with soap and water, for at least 20 seconds
    •  if soap and water is not available, use a hand sanitizer
    •  avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands
    •  avoid  contact with people who are sick
    •  cover your cough and sneeze with a tissue or elbow, then throw away the tissue and wash our hands  
    •  clean and disinfect frequently used objects and surfaces
    •  boost your immune system: get plenty or rest, eat healthy, and get some exercise
    • IMMUNIZATIONS  All new and returning students are required to provide updated immunization records.  If you are a current student, and received immunizations since last year, please email your updated record to the School Nurse.  If you are new to Lovett, please email a copy your current immunization record to the school nurse.  Texas and HISD Requirements for immunizations: Immunization Requirements
    • MEDICATIONS  All students requiring medications at school must have the following forms on file.  These forms must be updated annually.  All medications require physician authorization, including over the counter, and are kept in the nurses office. Completed forms should be emailed to the school nurse.Medication at School Concent (required for all medications) Medication at SchoolAsthma Medication (required for all inhalers, etc) Asthma Action PlanAnaphylaxis/Allergy Medication (required for EPI, etc) Allergy and Anaphylaxis
    • DIET AND NUTRITION  Required if your child needs a special diet or has food allergies. Please complete even if your child does not eat meals at school. Dietary Accomodations 
    •  Temperature of 100 degrees F or greater within the past 24 hours.  Students should be fever free for 24 hours without medication before returning to school.
    •  Vomiting or diarrhea within the past 24 hours.  Should be symptom free for 24 hours before returning.
    •  Strep infections of any kind, untreated ringworm, conjunctivitis, or impetigo.  These are contagious infections and should be treated with medications for a  least 24 hours before return to school.
    • Rash of unknown origin - this may indicate many different things and should be checked by your pediatrician
    • Untreated lice infestation - once treated, children are permitted back in class as long as no live lice are noted.
    Students are advised to stay at home if suffering from active illness in order to protect other students and staff from possible virus/disease transmission. Students should remain at home until their illness is resolved.  Parents are encouraged to report all confirmed/suspected contagious diseases to the school nurse.
    Texas Law mandates that certain screenings are done on students in public schools.  At Lovett, all new students, PK, K, and students in 1st, 3rd, and 5th grade are screened for Vision, Hearing, and  Acanthosis Nigricans (AN).  AN is a skin marker that is associated with insulin problems and is considered a risk for Type 2 diabetes and other chronic illnesses.  These screenings are generally done during the fall semester. 5th grade girls will be screened for scoliosis.  If any problems are identified, a referral letter is sent home to the parents for follow-up.
    Please consider placing a change of weather-appropriate clothes for your child in his/her backpack. I have a LIMITED supply of clothing items that have been kindly donated by parents to offer to students who need a change of clothes during the school day.  If your child brings these donated clothes home, please launder them and return them to the clinic.  Thank you for your assistance.




    Please feel free to contact the Lovett Nurse, Suiki Boardman,  if you have any questions.