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    The Name That Book contest is coordinated by the HISD Department of Library Services, serves to acquaint HISD students with classic literature as well as contemporary award-winning books, representing a variety of genres. Patterson's Name That Book is sponsored by our Literature Lab teacher Mrs. Coats. Our school competes in both the Kindergarten through 2nd grade level and the 3rd – 5th grade level. 


    HISD puts out a list of 30-35 books (these lists include the 2 by 2 books for the lower grades and the Bluebonnet Books for the 3-5 students). Six students work as a team answering questions where the answer is the name of the book. The K-2 students have a flip chart where they pick the cover. The 3-5 team has a dry erase board where they have to write the title. The teams compete against other HISD schools, to find out more about Name That Book, please visit the HISD webpage.

                        senior team  

    junior team