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    Safety Patrol is a group of responsible 4th and 5th grade students who help keep our school safe during the day. They will help by opening and closing car doors, making sure rules are followed in school, assisting with the little kids, helping where needed throughout the school.

    We feel that this service is a very important lesson in safety, courtesy, volunteerism and responsibility for the student. We strive to make it a positive experience for them and your support is very important in obtaining that goal.

    Because Safety Patrol duty is a privilege and they represent Patterson to the public we require students to have and to maintain certain qualifications to be accepted. 

    Safety Patrol Members must:

    • Follow all classroom/school rules and respect teachers and students at all times.
    • Report to duty on time Morning Duty 7:10am; Afternoon Duty will end at 3:20pm
    • Wear proper equipment, Patrols will not be permitted to perform their duties if they are not wearing a patrol belt.
    • Attend and participate in all patrol meetings and training sessions.
    • Be able to communicate courteously and appropriately with students and adults.
    • Report and perceived dangerous safety issues to the teacher on duty.
    • Will need to keep an average of 80 or above.
    • Will need to maintain an “E” or “S” in conduct.