Lower Elementary

  • 1st Grade through 3rd Grade

    Your six-to-nine year old is starting to ask the BIG questions of Montessori’s Cosmic Education and their toys and playtime reflect that. Who am I? What am I? Where did I come from? Children at this age are into exploring the world around them. What is this, and how does it work? Elementary children can be characteized by their reasonong minds, their ability to abstract and imagine, and their passion for research and exploration. This is an age when creativity, learning, cooperation, imagination, and responsibility all grow and thrive, The Elementary program is designed to encourage children to wonder, work, and explore.


    Learning Without Limits

    Continued work with concrete materials in the lower elementary years provides the means through which students can both develop their understanding of abstract concepts and apply this understanding in practical ways. Your child can focus intensely on their self-chosen work, with minimal interruption. At the same time, they will collaborate with the teacher to ensure that their work is challenging and purposeful – and that basic standards are met.  In that way, the teacher is in charge of the minimum scope of work – your child is in charge of the maximum.


    Learning How to Think

    Our teachers have a broad knowledge of all subjects areas – helping your child discover interests in any area imaginable and challenge them to deepen the field of study through research. Instead of giving the right answers, the teacher will ask your child the right questions to inspire them to find the answers for themself.


    Mirroring Your Child's Developmental Needs

    Your elementary age child has a strong drive for social connection. They are starting to develop deeper friendships and a connection to the community around them. We embrace your child’s natural need for social exploration by giving lessons in small groups and encouraging children to work with a variety of others on follow-up projects and research areas of intense interest. In a Montessori elementary program, children help children before adults help children, resulting in teamwork, independence, and a true learning community.


    Exploring the World

    In a research style of learning, elementary children work in small groups on a variety of projects, building skills they will one day need as productive members of society. Elementary studies include geography, biology, history, language, mathematics, science, music, art, and physical education. Exploration of each area is encouraged through trips outside the classroom to local museums and theaters, enhancing the children’s understanding about the community in which they live.


    Student Centered Learning

    This inclusive approach to education fosters a feeling of connectedness to all humanity, and encourages the children’s natural desire to make contributions to the world. The ultimate goal of the Elementary Program is to develop the students’ abilities and self-confidence so that they are able to take charge of their own learning. 


    "Let us give the elementary child a vision of the whole universe."

    — Maria Montessori