Middle School

  • 7th & 8th Grade

    No longer children but not yet adults, Maria Montessori recognized adolescence as a time of rapid growth, not unlike the very first years of life. The Middle School provides the ideal setting for students to expand their knowledge and embark on adult-like responsibilities, resulting in a solid, unique foundation for young adulthood.


    Authentic Experiences

    Beyond intellectual development, our Middle School guides students to become active citizens and fully informed problem solvers within the Wilson Montessori community and beyond. 



    Classroom subjects are explored in an integrated manner, where students grapple with real-world issues while honing their skills in math, economics, science, humanities, language and writing. The focus is upon the development of a successful process and innovative approach, rather than rewarding an expected answer.


    Earth and Human Studies

    History, Science, Social Studies, and English are studied in an integrated way through what we call “Earth and Human Studies”. In each of our terms a central theme is chosen to explore in depth. This theme is considered through a wide variety of lenses: scientifically (biology, chemistry, physics, Earth sciences) historically, sociologically, culturally (literature and the arts), morally/philosophically.


    Creative Expression

    Students pursue artistic skills that enable them to express their understanding of the world. Activities such as drawing, painting, photography, and ceramics allow students to develop their abilities to explore and share their interior lives.  



    Research studies have shown that high skill, high challenge, motivation, and intrinsic motivation (all qualities found to be highest in Montessori students) predict superior talent development in adolescent students. Our graduates tell us that they are well prepared for the rigors of high school and college. They are capable, confident, and compassionate young adults. 


    "The child has a mind able to absorb knowledge. 

    He has the power to teach himself."

    — Maria Montessori