Upper Elementary

  • 4th Grade through 6th Grade

    During the Upper Elementary years, children between the ages of 9 and 12 begin to move from concrete materials to abstract thought. They learn to challenge themselves, and real learning occurs when children are engaged. Curiosity is championed in our Upper Elementary classrooms, and your child is encouraged to explore concepts to a level of detail only limited by his imagination.


    Learning in Context for Deeper Understanding

    As teachers, our goal is for the students to reach their fullest potential in all areas, so they can move forward with confidence in who they are and in their individual abilities—especially as they advance into their next level of academia successfully. The starting point for all courses of study is the “Great Lessons”; these impressionistic and scientific stories give your child the “big picture” of astronomy, earth science, geography, physics, biology, history, cultural and social studies, language, math. Meaningful learning happens when children understand the “why” as much as the “what” – and are inspired to learn even more on their own.


    Achieving the State of "Flow"

    The look and feel of an Upper Elementary Montessori classroom is designed to encourage a positive learning environment and to foster independence. The classroom is very calm and productive, but at times also lively and exciting, as collaborative activities take place. Character lessons and team building creates an ever-changing and engaging environment. Our class day consists of long, open ended work periods that respect your child’s curiosity and concentration. Children may choose to form, or join, a group in order to work with concepts introduced in a lesson. And, because they are free to move around the classroom, it’s not uncommon for ideas to spread; children are stimulated not just by the lessons they receive, but by each other.


    Developing Flexibility, Reslience, and Grit

    The Upper Elementary Classroom is an extension of the students’ world. As such, the emotional aspects of the elementary students play an important role in their development. We help the students understand how to work, fit in, and be a part of a community in a positive and productive way. At this level, we do not shy away from difficulties or issues; instead, we work through them in a healthy manner. We believe children learn to be adaptable by our supporting them to solve their own problems, rather than solving problems for them. With the help of a supportive adult, your child can, most often, find the solution that is best for him.


    Learning as Its Own Reward

    Students create ownership and shared responsibilities of their environment. They also understand how to complete work and have the confidence to ask for help from a peer or a teacher if needed. We have high expectations for your children, and give experiences that help them to believe in themselves and their abilities, so they will do their very best for a lifetime.


     "The child who concentrates is immensely happy."

    — Maria Montessori