2022-2023 Registration Information

  • In order to ENROLL at Madison High School, a student MUST:

    • Be zoned to Madison High School (Click HERE to see if you are zoned to Madison HS) OR must have an approved transfer to Madison High School.
    • Have a parent or legal guardian (as appointed by the courts) accompany the student. Legal documents must be provided in situations involving divorce and/or legal guardianship. Parents will be asked to provide a valid Driver’s License, Military ID, Passport or State ID.
    • Only the student +1 family member may enter registration area.The student MUST be present to register.
    • Please view and have ready all required documents below.

    Step 1:  Registration Packet

    Download and complete registration packet.

    English Registration Packet CLICK HERE

    Spanish Registration Packet CLICK HERE


    Step 2:  Health packet

    Download and complete health packet.

    English Health Packet CLICK HERE

    Spanish Health Packet CLICK HERE


    Step 3:  Socioeconomic Form

    Download and complete socioeconomic form.

    English Socioeconomic Form CLICK HERE

    Spanish Socioeconomic Form CLICK HERE


    Step 4:  Student Contact Information Form

    Download and complete student contact information form.

    English Student Contact Information Form CLICK HERE


    Step 5:  Print/Email Packets

    Print out all completed documentation and bring with you to appointment.  If you don’t have access to a printer, you may email the completed Registration Packet and Health form to ssanford@houstonisd.org.

    Please save documents in the following format:  Student’s Last Name_First Name_grade level

    Example:  Doe_Jane_Gr9.  


    Additional Required Documents for Registration:

    • Two utility bills (electric, gas, water) or signed Lease Agreement to Verify address in (School Zone on HISD Portal).
    • Incoming 9th grader must have last report card (indicating student was promoted or placed)
    • Transcript required for incoming 10th – 12th grade students
    • Immunization Records
    • Birth Certificate
    • Social Security Card
    • Verification of legal guardian (must provide photo ID)
    • If name of parent/legal guardian does not match name on utility bill, the following is required.
    • Must have a photo ID and written statement from person whose name is on the utility bill stating that guardian and student are living with them (must complete a STATEMENT OF RESIDENCE FORM)
    • If Grandparent, a GRANDPARENT CARE AFFIDAVIT FORM must be completed 


    If you are not the parent/legal guardian of the enrolling student, you must contact HISD’s School Choice/Transfer Department (713-556-6734 or StudentTransfer@houstonisd.org) to verify guardianship.