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    I am one of the  Resource teachers at JLA.   I will be working with the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students in Reading and English. I LOVE to read, teach, and learn new things!    The 2015 - 2016 school year is going to be exciting:  new students and teachers, new sports (Go Longhorns!), and new opportunities to be Good!  Better!!  Best!!!
    September 3, 2015

    MAStoweSyllabus 2015
    (Download the form, complete and send to Mrs. Stowe)
    WELCOME to Mrs. Stowe's 6th, 7th, 8th ELA Classes

    Instructor:  Mrs. Mary Ann Stowe               E-mail address:          mstowe@houstonisd.org

    Materials needed:

    1.      TWO composition notebooks

    2.      TWO folders with pockets & brads

    3.      A pack of pencils & a pack of pens (blue or black only)

    *Please let me know if you have any difficulties obtaining these supplies.                     


    Classroom Procedures

    1.      You may use pen or pencil.

    2.      Tardies: If the student is not in my classroom, sitting at their desk, and working on their Warm-up then they are tardy. Students who come late to class get their name written down on my clipboard and will be assigned detention.

    3.      Make-up work after absences:

    a.       If a test has been assigned for the day you are absent, the test will be made up the day after you return.

    b.      It is the student’s responsibility to obtain missing assignments and complete them and turn it in within three school days of marked absence.

    4.   Cheating will result in an automatic zero on the test or assignment. Do not give even the appearance of cheating. REMEMBER giving work to someone else to copy is cheating also

    5.   Food and drink are prohibited (You may only bring a water bottle).

    6.   A Jane Long school I.D. badge is required for admittance into my class.

    7.   Electronics are prohibited in the classroom, per the Jane Long policy handbook. If brought in class, they will be confiscated, and given to main office for student pick up on Monday’s.

    8.   Gum is prohibited at school as per the Jane Long policy handbook.



    The language arts department will hold tutorials every Tuesday or Thursday after school from 3:20 to 4:20.  Students who cannot attend on Tuesday or Thursday can see their teacher for a possible alternate time.  In the near future Saturday tutorials will also be available for students.


    A reading log will go home each Monday.  Students must read at least 30 minutes 5 days of the week. Reading logs will be the homework grade for the week.


    Grading Scale:

    35%     Major Tests

    35%     Daily grades (daily participation, daily assignments)

    20%     Quiz

    10%     Homework

    100%   Total



    This year students take the following tests in the spring:

    6th Grade          Reading and Math STAAR

    7th Grade          Reading, Writing, and Math STAAR

    8th Grade          Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies STAAR



    Discipline Plan



    The goal of this discipline plan is to create a safe, respectful environment that allows students to achieve the maximum amount of learning.


    Class Rules and Student Expectations

    1.      Respect yourself.

    2.      Respect others.

    3.      Respect materials.

    4.      Come to class prepared to learn.

    Positive Consequences

    ·        Time earned for extra computer time

    ·        Free homework pass


    Negative Consequences

    ·        Verbal warning

    ·        Student-Teacher Conference and/or letter via US mail

    ·        Parent Conference

    ·        Administrator Conference

    ·        Others As Needed:  Seat Change, Time Out, Student-Teacher-Parent Contract, Detention




    Mrs. Stowe's 6th, 7th, 8th ELA Classes   email address:        mstowe@houstonisd.org


    Date: ___________________________

    Student’s name (printed): ______________________________________________________________

    Student’s signature: ___________________________________________________________________

    Parent’s signature: _____________________________________________________________________


    I have read the material on the syllabus and understand what is required for this class.



     Personal Information


    Phone: (home)  _________________________________________________________________

                (Work, father’s)__________________________________________________________


                (Work, mother’s)_________________________________________________________


    Parents’ names: ___________________________________________________________________

    Home address (mailing): ___________________________________________________________

    Mother’s email: ___________________________________________________________________

    Father’s email: ____________________________________________________________________

    Student’s email: ___________________________________________________________________


    Check one: (and give names if not given above, please)

    __________ I live with my parents (listed above)

    __________ I live with my ___________________________________(relationship, “aunt” etc. and names)

    __________ I live with my father and stepmother, _________________________________(names)

    __________ I live with my mother and stepfather, _________________________________ (names)



    5:30 - 7:30 pm