• Davis HS Jazz Band

    Jazz Ensemble - Room 121. 

    The Davis HS Jazz Band has a long standing tradition as one of the first stage band/jazz ensembles in the Houston Independent School District. The ensemble is under the direction of Mr. Richardson.  

    • 2013-2014 SCHOOL YEAR AWARDS

    • UH Jazz Festival- Second Division II
    • (All Star Award Japheth Jimenez -9th Grade)

    • Blinn Jazz Festival- All ONES! Superior Ratings
    • Most outstanding trombone of the day! (out of all jazz bands that performed!) – Eduardo Camacho (12th trombone)
    • Outstanding “All-Star” Soloist Award- Aletquis Quistian (12th trombone)
    • Davis HS Soloist Award- Japheth Jimenez (9th tenor sax)

    • SHSU Jazz Festival- FIRST DIVISION! Superior Rating
    • 3 Outstanding musician awards- Japeth Jimenez, Eduardo Camacho and Ian Catano.
    • Waltrip HS Jazz Festival- ALL FIRST DIVISIONS! Superior Rating
    • 3 Outstanding soloists awards- Eduardo Camacho, Aletquis Quistian and Ian Catano. 
     *Students must participate in a large ensemble to be eligible to participate in the jazz ensemble. (ie. Band, Orchestra or Choir)*
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