• PhysicalEducation Class Syllabus

    J.Long Middle School- 2015 -2016

    ItemsNeeded for this Class:

    • Jane Long P.E. Uniform – Purchase the official P.E. uniform in the main office for $15.00.

      • Until uniforms are in, your own athletic shorts (navy blue) and a white T-Shirt will be allowed.

    • Sneakers

    • Lock (combination or key)

    • A positive attitude!


    • Dress each day for class and participate (inclement weather is NOT an excuse to not dress out; you must participate in the alternative activity).

    • Be on time to class and leave only when told by a teacher; you must ask permission to get water or go to the restroom. No passes will be given to leave the PE area without an Agenda.

    • Complete all assignments to the best of your ability.

    • Listen and follow teacher directions; do not talk once you have heard the teacher’s whistle. We use it to get the class’ attention and there is to be no talking while the teacher is giving instructions.

    • Food, drinks, and gum are not allowed in gym or locker rooms.

    • No running in gym or playing with equipment before roll call and stretches. Sit in your position on the floor that has been assigned. No horseplay at any time!

    • Help with putting up equipment after class and please take care of equipment.

    • Do NOT get up in the bleachers. Students will sit on the floor during class time. This is for safety reasons and it breaks the mechanism of pulling the bleachers in and out.

    • All campus and district policies will be followed.

    Detentions will be assigned for not dressing out, missing/late assignments, and excessive tardiness.


    • Every student begins each 6 week grading period with 100%.

      • 30% of the grade is based on dressing correctly for class

      • 50% of the grade is based on participation

        • Stretches and Cardio Warm-Up

        • Written assignments, class readings, and homework

      • 20% of the grade is based on skill activities and  tests.

    • A valid excuse must be presented in writing for each absence. Each unexcused absence will result in half credit of the missed day’s points unless an excuse is turned into the teacher no later than 5 days after the absence.

    Course Overview and Goals:

    In Physical Education/Health, students acquire the knowledge and skills for movement that provide the foundation for enjoyment, continued social development through physical activity, and access to a physically-active lifestyle. The student exhibits a physically-active lifestyle and understands the relationship between physical activity and health throughout the life span.

    In Grades 6-10, students understand in greater detail the function of the body, learn to measure their own performance more accurately, and develop plans for improvement. They learn to use technology such as heart rate monitors to assist in measuring and monitoring their own performance. Identifying the types of activities that provide them with enjoyment and challenge and that will encourage them to be physically active throughout life is reinforced during instruction in these grades.”


    Locker Rooms:

    Students have 5 minutes after the tardy bell to change into their P.E. clothes  and get to their assigned roll call line. They have 9 minutes to change back into their school clothes at the end of class. Students are to report back to the gym and be seated in an assigned area after changing back into school clothes. Gym doors are not to be opened until the class is dismissed.

    All belongings must be locked up. The locker rooms themselves can not be secured; this results in unattended items being moved or stolen.Everyone must take their P.E. belongings with them when they leave on a daily basis; nothing is to be left in the locker rooms after P.E.class. Students are not allowed to bring books, book bags, purses,MP3s or other such devices, make-up, pens or markers, or any item of value to the locker room area; they are to be left in the hallway lockers. Only the items needed for P.E. class will be allowed in the gym. There is to be NO horseplay or lingering in the locker room.


    Ifyou wish to meet with us about any concerns regarding P.E., please call the main office at (713)778-3380 and request an appointment during our conference periods. I can also be reached via email at dmcgalli@.houstonisd.org


    Ihave read and understand the P.E. syllabus and agree to follow allrules and procedures stated within it.




    Pleaselist any health concerns we should know about:_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________