National Chain Of Command 



    Honorable Donald J. Trump 

     Secretary of Defense
    Honorable Patrick Shanahan 
    mark t. esper  
    Secretary Of The Army
    Honorable Erik Fanning
    United States Army Chief of Staff
    General Mark A. Milley 
              Commanding General, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command
                      General Stephan Townsend  
     john r evans jr
         Cadet Command Commander
       BG: John R. Evans 
    chris alfeiri
    Fifth Brigade Commander
    Colonel Chris Alfeiri
    Director Junior ROTC Program, HISD
     Leiutenant Colonel Cornell T. Mcghee
    NCO Chain of Command

    daniel dailey
    Sergeant Major of the Army
    SMA Daniel A. Dailey 
    TRADOC Command Sergeant Major
    CSM Timothy Guden 
    mario terenas
    Cadet Command CSM
    Mario Terenas
    george bunn
    5th Brigade Command Sergeant Major
    CSM George Bunn 
                         elvin baines                    
     Senior Enlisted Adviser 
    First Sergeant Elvin Baines