• Welcome to Heights High School's University Interscholastic League (UIL) Academics competition webpage.  To join, please see any of the following teachers:  
    Ms. Bagos, Mr. Tan, Mr. High, Ms. Rendon, Mr. Linderman, Ms. Thiem, Mr. Cullins, Mr. Lee, Mr. Batrez, Mr. Morales, Ms. Vodehnal, Mr. Miller, Mr. McCafferty, Mr. Mark Johnson, Mrs. Aguas, Mr. Partridge, or Ms. Flocke
    In recent years, John H Reagan has displayed a fine performance, winning the overall sweepstakes title of the District 21-4A UIL competition three years consecutively (2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14).   
    All students regardless of their course standing are highly encouraged to join any of the following teams:  
    1. Accounting                                                 13. Science
    2. Calculator Applications                          14. Social Studies                    
    3. Computer Science                                    15. Spelling & Vocabulary
    4. Current Issues & Events                         16. CX Debate
    5. Editorial Writing                                      17. Lincoln-Douglas Debate
    6. Feature Writing                                        18. Informative Speaking
    7. Headline Writing                                      19. Persuasive Speaking
    8. Literary Criticism                                     20. Poetry Interpretation
    9. Mathematics                                              21. Prose Interpretation
    10. News Writing                                           22. One-Act Play
    11. Number Sense                                          23. Spanish Prose & Poetry
    12. Ready Writing
    Benefits of joining include: 
    • meet new friends including those from other schools
    • eat and socialize during the once-a-month Saturday competitions
    • allow your creative juices to flow
    • enjoy the camaraderie of competing against other schools  
    • boost your chance of getting admitted into top-tier colleges  
    • boost your chance of earning numerous scholarships  
    • receive broad and in-depth academic knowledge and skills e.g. greater success on Advanced Placement tests
    UIL State medals