Teacher Directory

Names, Titles, and Emails of Teachers at Heights High School
First Name Last Name Email TItle
Serjio Arjon serjio.arjon@houstonisd.org Science Teacher
Jesse Arredondo Jesse.Arredondo@houstonisd.org CATE Teacher
Kerrick Arrington KARRINGT@houstonisd.org PE Teacher
Scott Baker JBAKER5@houstonisd.org Science Teacher
Rafael Barreras RBARRER4@houstonisd.org PE Teacher
Brett Bassinger brett.bassinger@houstonisd.org ROTC Teacher
Jorge Batrez JBATREZ1@houstonisd.org Math Teacher
Manuel Batrez MBATREZ@houstonisd.org Math Teacher
Candace Booker candace.booker@houstonisd.org English Teacher
Sheena Branton Sheena.Branton@houstonisd.org CATE Teacher
Artrelle Buchanan artrelle.buchanan@houstonisd.org Science Teacher
Troy Lynn Bullock TBULLOCK@houstonisd.org Math Teacher
Beneta Burum Rodrigues Beneta.BurumRodrigues@houstonisd.org Science Teacher
Michael Cardenas MCARDEN1@houstonisd.org Auto Tech Teacher
Gary Castille Gary.Castille@houstonisd.org SRC Teacher/Health
Sophia Castillo SCASTIL6@houstonisd.org Science Teacher
Jose Chaidez jose.chaidez@houstonisd.org Math Teacher
Isaac Chao ICHAO@houstonisd.org Social Studies Teacher
Kevin Cheadle kcheadle@houstonisd.org Special Ed/Lifeskills
Patsy Coley PCOLEY@houstonisd.org Science Teacher
Nestor Corpuz NCORPUZ@houstonisd.org Math Teacher
Anthony Day ADAY@houstonisd.org CATE Teacher
Manuel DeLeon manuel.deleon@houstonisd.org ELL/English Teacher
John Desierto johnangelo.desierto@houstonisd.org English Teacher
Henry (Hank) Deslaurier Hank.Deslaurier@houstonisd.org Social Studies Teacher
Deepika Dhadral deepika.dhadral@houstonisd.org Math Teacher
Robin Diers RDIERS@houstonisd.org English Teacher
Stephen Dixon SDIXON1@houstonisd.org Athletic Coordinator
Robert Dowdy RDOWDY@houstonisd.org ROTC Teacher
Valentina Edwards valentina.edwards@houstonisd.org Spanish Teacher
Gennifer Ehmling GEHMLING@houstonisd.org PE Teacher
Sonia Escot sescot@houstonisd.org Spanish Teacher
Yoshiko Fields Yoshiko.Fields@houstonisd.org CATE Teacher
Emily Flocke EFLOCKE@houstonisd.org Science Teacher
Lillie Fuller lillie.fullerspears@houstonisd.org Special Education Teacher
Jerry Gaither Jerry.Gaither@houstonisd.org Science Teacher
John Gervais JGERVAIS@houstonisd.org History Teacher
Anne Grant Anne.Grant@houstonisd.org English Teacher
Philip Grayum Philip.Grayum@houstonisd.org CATE Teacher
Joshua Haag joshua.haag@houstonisd.org Science Teacher
Joe N Harlan JHARLAN@houstonisd.org Science Teacher
Jenna Harris JHARRI28@houstonisd.org English Teacher
Alan Harrison Alan.Harrison@houstonisd.org English Teacher
Regina Harvey-Gray RGRAY@houstonisd.org CATE Teacher
Anthony Hebert Anthony.Hebert@houstonisd.org English Teacher
Nick Heil Nicholas.Heil@houstonisd.org History Teacher
Patti Hernandez PHERNAND@houstonisd.org Art Teacher
Luz Herrador LHERRADO@houstonisd.org Spanish Teacher
Chad High CHIGH@houstonisd.org History Teacher
Steve Holland SHOLLAND@houstonisd.org History Teacher