What You Should Be Doing NOW as a Freshman


    Fall Semester


    • Challenge yourself to take the most rigorous courses possible based on your individual academic strengths.


    • Developing strong organizational, study, note taking and time management skills are essential for your success in high school. Do all classroom assignments and be prepared for all tests and projects. You must learn to use an agenda (calendar) to keep track of your assignments, tests, projects and outside activities.


    • Review your courses for this year and be sure you’re taking those courses required for graduation. If you have questions about your courses or four-year educational plan, visit with your  counselor.


    • Do your best in all classes. Remember, college acceptance is based on your performance in grades 9 through 12. Colleges will request a copy of your high school transcript when you apply. Your high school transcript is a running record of all courses you have taken for high school credit and the semester grades you have earned in each course.


    • Take all tests seriously. You will take TAKS, PSAT, ACT and/or SAT as you progress through high school. These test scores will determine whether you graduate from high school or enter college.


    • Join extracurricular groups such as clubs, sports teams, or the school’s government.  Look for additional volunteer opportunities in the Hays community.

    Spring Semester


    • Use the Internet to locate summer enrichment programs, and college and scholarship information.


    • Discuss college plans with parents, friends, and teachers. It is never too early to visit a college campus and learn more about college majors. If you are interested in a specific job, you may want to job shadow an adult who works in a similar job.



    • Take an extra high school class or participate in a summer enrichment program to enhance your academic skills.


    • Update your resume and compile all souvenir pictures, event programs, award certificates and volunteer hours from year to year. Please record all events as you do the event because you will forget.