• The Special Education Department and the 504 Program at Northside High School support HISD Office of Special Education Services Mission: To support students with disabilities in gaining college, career readiness, and independent living skills through active engagement in grade level curriculum.


    Northside meets the diverse needs of students in their Least Restrictive Environment through a continuum of services, as determined by the Admission, Revision and Dismissal Committee and recorded in the student’s Individual Education Plan IEP.


    Students with disabilities who qualify for Section 504/ADA receive services in accordance to the Service Plan developed by the 504 Committee, including the student and a parent or guardian. Services and accommodations are provided to mitigate the student’s impairment and allow participation in educational and extra-curricular activities.


    Referrals for evaluation to identify a disability are reviewed by the campus Intervention Assistance Team (IAT). The IAT analyze, evaluate and coordinate intervention programs to support struggling students.