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  • Dress Code

    • HISD allows each individual campus to establish its own dress code or uniform policy. The goal of a dress code is to ensure that students stay focused on learning and to create a positive and safe environment. We appreciate parent and student support in upholding our dress code. Violations of the dress code policy may result in disciplinary action. Please note that our school administration has the final authority for decisions regarding the dress code. Please click here to see our uniform requirements.
    *Monday and Friday will be free dress with perfect attendance
    *Wednesday college t-shirt with jeans
    Shirts: Hunter Green/White Polo-styled Shirt
                                                                         hunter shirt   white shirt
     Bottoms: Khaki or Navy Blue Pants/Shorts Girls can wear Skorts/Dress
                                                    pants shorts    skort  dress


                  ·  Shoes must allow for SAFE movement throughout the building, including the stairs.

                  ·  Shoelaces must be tied.

                · flip-flops, crocs, house shoes/slippers, High-heeled shoes, platform shoes, backless shoes, sandals are not allowed.