• The following are weekly homework procedures: 

    1. Agenda: Please read, sign, and check your child's agenda for daily information.  This is the best form of communication I have with you besides email.  

    2.  Reading Homework: Reading log (20 minutes Monday-Thursday) will be stapled into agendas and a parent signature is required nightly. Reading passage practice will begin mid-year to reinforce reading code strategies.

    3. Spelling Homework: Students will use journals to record their spelling homework. (Monday= Select an activity from the spelling menu to turn in on Tuesday, Tuesday-Wednesday= Practice as needed using spelling menu, Thursdays= Study for test on Fridays).
    4. Math homework: Homework will typically be a review handout covering what they learned in my class that day. It is meant for review and practice. Please also continue to study basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts every night. This will help them tremendously!
    If there is a short week, please look in your child's agenda for updated information. Any additional homework assignments or projects will be listed in your child's agenda or attached with a note.  Please always double check their backpacks and folders for notes coming home.
    Thank you for your cooperation! :)
    Mrs. Santillan