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    I would like to take a moment to introduce myself to parents and students, as well as new and returning staff members.  My name is Katty Warren, and I am the School Counselor at Pin Oak Middle School for the 2021-2022 school year.  I am excited and honored to be working with such amazing students, team of educators, and staff.  Below you will find important information on the services provided and how I can assist you and your student(s) throughout the school year. I work closely with all stakeholders to ensure that all our student feel supported throughout the year. I look forward to a productive partnership throughout the year.


    I am available to counsel individuals and small groups of students with problems and refer students with complications to appropriate program specialists or community agencies. I can assist with school, family, and personal issues.  Most conversations with a counselor are kept confidential.  I will talk to you more about the limits of confidentiality during our first meeting. If you feel that you are being bullied, the most important thing to realize is that we need to know that it is happening to you before we can do anything to help.  Once we know what is happening, we can take steps to help remedy the situation.  The steps we take include but are not limited to:

    • Helping you develop appropriate responses to bullying.
    • Conducting student mediations and establishing social agreements.
    • Maintaining contact with administrators about the situation and recommending disciplinary action when appropriate.

    If you would like to see a more detailed list of the roles of the school counselor at POMS, please click roles of the school counselor.

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