The audition clinic will be March 7 - 10 from 7:10 - 8:15 am in the big gym. The final audition day will be March 10, 2022 from 4pm - 7pm in the big gym. Click the link to open the - Dance Company Audition Packet. Read all the information in the packet! Click the link to fill out the registration form.


    What to Wear - Auditions:

    • Black Leotard or black fitted shirt (no design on it and no bra straps showing)
    • Black dance leggings
    • Black or tan jazz shoes, half soles or barefoot
    • Hair in tight, slicked back ponytail
    • No jewelry
    • No gum
    • Make up is not required


    Candidates will be scored on the following areas:

    • Basic jazz and contemporary technique in the routine
    • Right and left splits
    • Knowledge of routine
    • Projection/Emotion, Energy, Showmanship
    • Potential and ability to blend the style and skills level of the team as a whole
    • Grades - it is recommended that you have an average of at least 70 in each of your classes prior to auditions
    • Timelines in turning in paperwork
    • Behavior, work ethic, attitude, and attentiveness during the tryout clinic
    • Teacher recommendations