• I am a native Houstonian.  I have been teaching for 19 years.  I have two beautiful children of my own. 
    I went to the University of Kansas and I am a very proud Jayhawk!!!  





    Breakfast is offered free of charge to ALL students enrolled in HISD schools. If your child will be eating breakfast provided by the school, please bring your child to school by 7:15. If you are running behind one morning and need to send breakfast with your child to eat at school, it must be eaten in the cafeteria. There is a district policy that does not allow any outside food to be eaten in the classroom for breakfast.






    We have PE every Wednesday and Thursday. All students are required to wear tennis shoes to PE or they will not be allowed to participate that day (district policy). Also, if your child does not know how to tie shoes yet, you might consider Velcro shoes at school for safety reasons. We apologize, but kinder teachers do not have enough time in the day to tie all shoes.


    Promoting Independence

    Please allow your child to enter our classroom each day independently carrying his/her belongings (lunch box, backpack, jackets, etc) beginning the first day of school. If your child is sad or nervous any day during the year, reassure him/her everything will be fine. Kiss, hug and say good-bye once, then leave the classroom. It is important that you leave the first time you say good-bye. Please do not linger in the classroom or look through the window to check on your child. Your child will adjust better without you in sight.



    Students begin entering our classroom at the 1st bell, (7:30am) each morning. 

    If you have things to discuss with your child, please do it outside the classroom door so that s/he may enter ready for the day. Each morning, I assist children unpacking their belongings and, therefore, I am not available at 7:30 to talk with anyone other than students. It is important for me to focus on the students and get the day started as smoothly as possible. If you need to discuss something or ask me a question, please email me. The same situation applies at the end of the day for dismissal. Teachers are busy loading kids in cars and keeping track of everyone. Please avoid conversations with teachers when children are present because we need to ensure the safety of all children at all times.



    Please provide written notification to your child’s teacher and the nurse regarding any allergies your child displays. The nurse cannot keep any medication at school for general distribution. If your child needs medication at school, you must provide the medication, dose and frequency.





    If your child is attending extended day, you must go to the main office to sign him/her out everyday.


    Kathryn Kraitman- kkraitma@houstonisd.org