• My name is Mary Anne Flory or Coach Flory.   I  am proud to have been born and raised in Texas!!  I have had the honor of working at Lovett Elementary since 1984. You can do the math on the number of years I have been here at the best elementary school in Houston!  I taught Kindergarten for 24 years and then had the exciting opportunity teaching  PE/ Health and Fitness.    I love working with all the children grades K - 5th.   Teaching them fun, exciting games that keeps them moving is always exciting.  I also love teaching track and field which starts in January.   It is such a privilege and honor to teach each and every one of your children. I look forward to this school year being a great one.


    If you have any questions, feel free to email me. I look forward to an exciting year at Lovett Elementary.




    Keep Moving!


    Ms. Flory E-mail: