• The Lovett Health and Fitness Instructors enjoy working with their students in the areas of physical and motor development, nutrition, personal hygiene, good sportsmanship, and exercise. They strive to create a life-long desire of healthy living with an emphasis on being physically fit and making smart food choices.



    Students come to PE twice a week, for a 50  minute period. The class begins with a half mile to a mile jog around the track, depending on the grade level.  The remainder of the class consists of aerobic play. We introduce the basic skills and rules of lifelong sports such as soccer, bowling, baseball, basketball, running and much more. PE is normally outside, but if there is inclement weather, Lovett has a large fitness room that has 15 exercise stations with equipment, weight training and stretching. Students also are taught entertaining games that teach fair play, cooperation, and personal achievement.



    One of Lovett’s Health and Fitness Department’s greatest strengths is the nutrition education. With childhood obesity on the rise, we realize that we need to equip our students with knowledge that promotes making healthy food choices. Much time is spent with the students discussing the components of healthy meals, the rainbow of foods, what foods should be eaten everyday versus foods that should be eaten once a week, etc. Lovett students are encouraged to participate in the Super Healthy Kids game that rewards children who choose to eat healthy on a daily basis.


    Throughout the year, the Lovett Health and Fitness Department also offers extracurricular activities to promote additional exercise and family fun, such as Fuel up to Play 60, the Fitnessgram Test, and Boosterthon.


    We plan to keep the kids moving, dancing, learning new games, nutrition lessons and having lots of fun exercising on the way. Please remember to send your kids with the proper shoes on their P.E. days.

    We will continue the 8 minute jump rope club. It was such a success last year and motivated many students to practice jumping rope. We will also be testing the 3rd - 5th grade students on the Fitnessgram. This involves running, sit ups, push ups, and a stretch test. We will also be weighing and measuring the students individually. We will discuss measurement comparisons at that time. Each of the 3rd - 5th graders will have their own personal passport to enter this data. They will also use this passport as a journal. We look forward to watching them grow and learn from these resources.