• Parents,The PTO sells prepackaged school supplies.You are encouraged to purchase one.Please contact me if you need a school supply list. If you are able, 1 large bag of dried beans for our sensory table and 2 boxes of Ziploc freezer bags (gallon and quart) would be very helpful. Please send the kind with the plastic zipper so that the kids can learn to zip and unzip them. We will be using them to clean up and  keep our room organized. Your child will be learning responsibility and developing fine motor skills.
    I ask that your child have a fairly large backpack that he/she can put the Wednesday folder in without struggling and zip it up. I know this might sound silly and unusually large for the 3 year olds, but all students will be responsible for putting their folder and other items  in their backpack. The small backpacks are just too frustrating and can  lead to temper tantrums. Art work which might be large will be coming home in the backpacks as well. Please check your child's backpack daily. Important correspondance will come home in the colorful "name bag" with your child's name on front.The front is clear so that contents may be easily seen.Thank you for your cooperation.