• Application Process 



    PHASE 1: SEPTEMBER 10th - NOVEMBER 11th 

    The Phase 1 application window for the 2021-2022 Magnet and Program Choice Transfers is now open. Apply online to be considered for the Phase 1 lottery. Applications must be submitted by November 11th to be considered for Phase 1. All qualified applications submitted during Phase 1 will be entered into a lottery. We highly recommend submitting applications before the deadline to ensure documentation verification.


    PHASE 2: NOVEMBER 12th -March 10, 2022**

    All qualified in-district applicants will be considered on a space-available basis and will be placed on the offered list after Phase II closes.  

    **Deadline for HISD Students to apply for transfers**


    PHASE 3:  March 11, 2022 - Onward

     All qualified applicants that are currently NOT in HISD or out of the district will be considered on a space-available and first-come-first-served basis.


    • Visit HISDChoice.com to apply online. 
    • Paper applications are available online. However, it is highly recommended that you complete the application online since it provides more options for tracking and staying up-to-date.  The G/T  application deadline is November 6, 2021.           



    Online Application Demonstration from HISD Office of School Choice on Vimeo.


    Entering Kinder Vanguard Testing Dates




    Entering Kinder Testing Location




    Vanguard Testing for Grades 1st - 4th

    Parents must request testing at their enrolled/zoned HISD School and online via HISD Parent Portal

     ***November 6, is the deadline is for both Vanguard Magnet applicants AND G/T Neighborhood applicants***




    • Vanguard Applications will require documentation.  All program choice applications will require documentation.
    • Please be on the lookout for emails or phone calls related to your applications. 
    • Applications will not be approved for the lottery without the appropriate documentation.



    Frequently Asked Questions

    Visit the link above for FAQ in regards to Magnet/Choice Schools



    For further information, please contact:
    Edith Santiago
    Carrillo Vanguard Magnet Coordinator
    960 S. Wayside Drive
    Houston, TX  77023
    (713) 924-1870

    Fax: (713) 924-1873