Carrillo Staff

  • Our wonderful and dedicated teachers and staff work diligently to educate your children and expand their minds and creativity. With a technology-rich school environment, students have the opportunity to learn the latest in technology applications integrated into their traditional curriculum.

Staff and Teacher Directory

Arredondo, Melanie

 Name: Arredondo, Melanie
 Title: TA - Kinder Bil (Orozco)
Avalos, Roxanna

 Name: Avalos, Roxanna
 Title: SIR
Boyd-Julien, Cheryle

 Name: Boyd-Julien, Cheryle
 Title: 3rd Bilingual
Cancel, Alejandra

 Name: Cancel, Alejandra
 Title: Counselor
Coronado, Koral

 Name: Coronado, Koral
 Title: 4th Transitional
Covarrubias, Lisa

 Name: Covarrubias, Lisa
 Title: WrapAround Sp
Cruz, Jayla

 Name: Cruz, Jayla
 Title: TA - Kinder (Lundin)
DeLuna, Aurora

 Name: DeLuna, Aurora
 Title: 2nd Bilingual
Escalante, Bertha

 Name: Escalante, Bertha
 Title: Nurse
Fenner, Julie

 Name: Fenner, Julie
 Title: 4th