Bilingual Education Program

  • Bilingual Education is an instructional program offered in elementary schools and selected middle schools for students whose native language (Spanish, Vietnamese) is other than English. Bilingual Education provides native language support to students who have been identified as Limited English Proficient (LEP). The program provides LEP students with a carefully structured sequence of basic skills and concept development in their native language, as well as gradual skill development in English, beginning at PK, through the English as a Second Language portion of the program. In bilingual programs, the function of the native language is to provide access to the curriculum while the student is acquiring English. Instruction in the native language assures that students attain grade level cognitive skills while they learn English.

    English as a Second Language (ESL)

    English as a Second Language (ESL) programs are offered in HISD for students whose native language is other than English and who need to develop and enhance their English language skills. The program provides limited English proficient (LEP) students with an intensive program of English instruction in all subjects, focusing on the language arts - listening, speaking, reading, and writing – through the use of English as a Second Language methodology.