Student Dress Code

  • The 2021- 2022 Madison High School Dress Code is as follows: 


    · Navy, red, black, or baby blue polo shirts with or without Madison Logo

    · Madison spirit shirts  or college shirts may be worn on Fridays

    · All shirts on girls and boys MUST cover their midriff (The belly button or torso cannot be shown at any time)


    · Khakis

    · Denim Jeans

    · Shorts  - knee length

    · Skirts -  knee length

    · All bottoms must not be frayed or have frays, rips, tears, or holes

    · No tights, yoga pants, or work out wear can be worn

    · No sagging pants can be worn

    · A belt must be worn at all times and all pants must be worn at their natural waist line

    · Underwear cannot be shown or displayed for any reason while on campus


    · Closed toe shoes required

    No slides or house slippers



    · Backpacks MUST be clear or mesh

    Purse backpacks must be clear or not utilized



    · No hoodies are allowed. (Hoodies are sweatshirts with attached hoods) 

    · Jackets with hoods are not allowed.

    · Hats, caps, bonnets, beanies, tams, or skull caps will not be allowed to be worn inside the building

    · No doo rags, bandanas, or scarves

    · No under shirts worn as outer shirts

    · No blankets at any time