Revised Dress Code Policy

  • Madison High School Uniform Policy- HISD has announced the suspension of the student uniform policy for the 2020-21 school year. To maximize delivery of quality instruction while minimizing distractions to the educational environment, Madison High School has established standard guidelines to facilitate appropriate dress for virtual and face-to-face instruction. If students have uniforms and wish to wear them, they are welcome to do so at any time throughout the school year. Below are the established guidelines for non-traditional dress to be followed during virtual instruction as well as face-to-face at Madison HS:


    • Tops: T-shirts or polos of any color are acceptable. Tops/shirts that contain inappropriate graphics, language and/or profanity are not permitted. Spaghetti straps or sleeveless shirts are not permitted during online or face-to-face instruction. Madison school spirit shirts are welcome daily!


    • Bottoms: Slacks, jeans, shorts, and skirts (both shorts and skirts must of appropriate length), of any color are acceptable. Pants should not be frayed, ripped, or have holes.


    • Shoes: Shoes are not required during virtual instruction, however, will be required for face-to-face instruction. Closed-toe shoes of any brand/color will be required during face-to-face instruction in support of safety expectations. Flip-flops, slides, sandals are not permitted.


    • Outwear:Sweaters, jackets etc… of any color may be worn during virtual or face-to-face instruction



    • Backpacks:ALL backpacks must be CLEAR or MESH

      Young ladies may NOT have Backpack purses unless they are clear


    • ITEMS NOT ALLOWED: Headphone/Ear Pods will not be allowed