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  • What are Wraparound Services? Wraparound Services connect your school's community to Houston's program rich landscape, ultimately preserving academic opportunity thourghout the Houston Independent School District. Wraparound Services empower our students, families, and faculty to achieve academic and community excellence. Pin Oak Middle School's Wraparound Spcecialist, Bruno Mesa, can help connect you to community assets such as food banks, rental assistance programs, and health and human services. If you need assistance or know someone who could use assistance simply follow the link below and fill out a brief survey. #ChargerStrong




  • If you need assistance or know someone who needs assistance please click the link below and fill out a brief Student Assitance Form



  • If you desire to be more active in your community consider joining Pin Oak Middle School's Feeder Pattern Community Council.


    The primary goal of the Feeder Pattern Community Council is to assess community needs, identify existing resources, advocate for new resources, and review progress collectively. The council meets as a group at least once every other month as coordinated by a District Wraparound Manager. It is the belief that high-quality instruction plus non-academic support equals maximized student achievement. According to Board Policy, the underlying assumption is that successful wraparound service delivery comes from community residents who invest themselves, their ideas, assets, capabilities, and resources in the process.


    Parent/Guardian, Community, and Staff representatives must commit for one school year term. A parent must have a student enrolled in the school for at least one of the years and may not be employed by the school. We invite you to become involved in your school’s Community Council by declaring your member intent. Please return the bottom portion of this form to your school’s Wraparound Resource Specialist by 3 p.m. on ____9/16/24________. The form can be found below. 

Mr. Bruno Mesa



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Bruno Mesa

Pin Oak Middle School Wraparound Spcecialist

- HISD Alumni

- University of Houston Alumni

- Avid Runner 

- Sports Enthusiast