• The Lovett Safety Patrol is a group of dedicated 4th and 5th grade student volunteers who help to keep Lovett safe and running smoothly  during morning drop-off and afternoon dismissal. The duties of the Lovett Safety Patrol include:

    • assisting Lovett students exit cars, by opening and closing car doors
    • maintaining open door ways 
    • helping keep foot traffic moving in the hallways and stairway
    • assisting students with directions, information, and other needed support 
    • promoting and practicing the Lovett 3R's  and Lovett hallway rules
    • other duties and responsibilities as directed by Lovett staff


    Being a Lovett Safety Patrol member is a very important role that offers our students an opportunity to learn and model  important lessons in safety, community service, courtesy and responsibility. Because being a part of the Lovett Safety Patrol is a privilege, we require our patrol members to maintain criteria and qualifications:


    • be a positive role model for Lovett Elementary
    • promote and practice the Lovett 3Rs at all times - respectful, responsible, and ready
    • follow all classroom/school rules, both on and off duty
    • communicate appropriately and courteously with all Lovett students and staff
    • report to duty on time and as assigned, performing your duties faithfully
    • attend all Lovett Safety Patrol  trainings and meetings
    • wear appropriate School Safety Patrol equipment while on duty - vest or belt
    • report any perceived safety problems or situations to Lovett staff on duty
    • maintain passing grades and good conduct






    Patrol duty assignments will change every six weeks, with grading periods.  Duty stations are both inside and outside the building.