Digital Safety Course
  • Student Chromebooks

    HP Chromebook x360 4th Generation

    • Education Edition

    • Touchscreen

    • Webcam

    • Accidental Damage Protection

    • HP x360 Rugged Snap-On Case


    The students' parent/guardian accepts financial responsibility for any intentional damage to the Chromebook or damage due to gross negligence.



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  • Proper Device Care


    Let's review the basic expectations for student Chromebook care.


    ⚡Case It

    Your Chromebook will come with a HP x360 Rugged Snap-On Case. Always keep your protective case on your Chromebook to help prevent damage.


    ⚡No Eating or Drinking

    Keep all food and drink away from the Chromebook.


    ⚡Swipe and Sweep

    Clear the keyboard BEFORE closing the Chromebook. Items left on the keyboard may cause damage to the screen when it is closed.


    ⚡Charge it Up

    Shut down & charge up the Chromebook nightly. Arrive to school with a fully charged Chromebook.



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  • Overview



    Houston Independent School District has adopted an Acceptable Use Policy that maintains compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA).



    The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) ensures that the privacy of student records is protected. Access to these records is restricted through the use of usernames and passwords.



    Students are expected to follow network etiquette at all times. This includes being courteous to others, not using profanity, keeping login information private, and letting an adult know if something inappropriate happens.



    Students are not allowed to use district-owned devices in a manner that causes harm to others, damages the device, violates copyright laws, or sends potentially harmful data/information to others.



    The HISD Code of Conduct outlines the possible consequences for violating these rules. Consequences may range from campus disciplinary actions to legal action as determined by the level of misconduct.


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