Frequently Asked Questions

Direct Deposit

  • How can I update my direct deposit data?

  • I currently have one account on file for direct deposit and would like to add an additional account. What steps will I need to take?

  • How many accounts am I able to identify for direct deposit?

  • I requested a pay card during onboarding. How will the pay card be distributed to ensure access to my payable time?

Pay Issues

  • How is my gross pay determined?

  • How can I receive a copy of my pay statement?

  • What is Pay Per Escrow Account?

  • What is Pay Per Escrow Payout?

  • How can I opt out of escrow?

  • I am a 12-month employee who is having escrow deducted from my pay. Why is escrow being deducted from my check?

  • Why is there a deduction of TRS on my paycheck?

  • How can I confirm hours worked?

Personal Data

  • I am married and/or divorced how do I update my new last name.

  • How can I update my home address?

  • My marital status and/or allowances are wrong. How can this be corrected?

  • How can I change my W4?

  • Requesting your W2

Work Schedule

  • What is the last day of my duty schedule?

Leave Quota Overview

  • How can I determine the amount of leave I currently have available?

  • How can I use my state and local leave?

  • How many days can I be absent before I must submit a doctor’s note?

  • Why was my pay docked after taking leave following a holiday?

  • How do I cancel an absence requested through ESS that I did not take?

  • I submitted my service records from my previous school district that identified my accrued state personal leave hours; however, when I review my leave account balance in OneSource, Employee Self Service (ESS) my time does not reflect.

  • I submitted a voluntary resignation online, am I eligible for State Payout?

  • Will my Local Personal Leave be paid out when I resign from HISD.


  • How can I change the distribution amount going to my 403B/457 annuity?

  • How can I submit my Public Service/Teacher Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) application?

  • How can I get my TRS 7 form completed?