• frankblack Frank Black Middle School is named after a notable Houston educator who was born on November 27, 1880.  Frank Black began teaching at the age of 23 and he served as principal for several educational institutions including Travis School (now Travis Elementary), Sam Houston High School and San Jacinto High School.  Frank Black was one of the organizers of Houston Junior College, which is now the University of Houston.  He died in 1932 and was honored for his important role in Houston-area education with one of HISD’s largest campuses being named after him. 



    Frank Black Middle School (which was originally named Frank Black Junior High School) was founded in 1957 to serve the burgeoning neighborhood of Oak Forest and other surrounding neighborhoods.  Oak Forest was established in 1947 by developer Frank Sharp and was home to many returning veterans of World War II.   With more than 5,500 homes, Oak Forest is the city’s third largest neighborhood.  Frank Sharp was a pioneer of master planned communities and he included areas for retail and schools in his planning.  As part of that planning, his development company set aside the super block on 43rd Street that is currently home to Oak Forest Elementary and Frank Black Middle School.


    The school colors are red, black and white.  The school mascot is the panther.  The crest for Frank Black Middle School includes a pair of laurels representing excellence, surrounding three symbols: an open book representing academics; a pair of running student athletes, representing athletics; and a paint brush and artist palette, representing the arts.  The symbols are a representation of the school’s motto: “Excellence in Academics, Athletics and the Arts.”


    With more than five decades of history, Frank Black Middle School has produced thousands of successful graduates.  Many FBMS graduates still live in the community surrounding the school.  Some of the more notable students to attend Frank Black Middle School include actor Patrick Swayze, singer B.J. Thomas, the NFL’s Keenan McCardell and professional wrestling’s The Undertaker.  FBMS has recently re-emerged -- at the beginning of its second half-century of existence -- as a thriving community institution, once again taking its place as one of the premiere middle schools in HISD.