About Frank Black Middle School

  • The campus of Frank Black Middle School includes six buildings on 30 acres.  The school is located at the corner of 43rd Street and Chantilly Lane, in the heart of the Oak Forest neighborhood.  The spacious school grounds are also bordered by Piney Woods Drive and Lamonte Lane.  The FBMS entrance faces Piney Woods Drive, near the southwest corner of the school. 

    The six campus buildings include the Main Academic Building, the 6th Grade Academy, the Student Activity Annex, the Athletics Center, the Cafeteria and the Fine Arts Building.  The Main Academic Building traditionally houses 7th and 8th grade students. It is also where the school's office, art room and library are located. 

    The school's 6th graders have their own academic building, the 6th Grade Academy, home to the 6th grade core curriculum classes..  The two-story building is also the location for lockers for 6th graders.  The southern side of the 6th Grade Academy has a view of NatureWorks, the outdoor classroom and environmental learning center at FBMS.

    The Student Activity Annex includes a Student Center, which is a multi-purpose event space. The Annex also houses the school's Woodshop and the LCDC (Leadership Citizenship Development Corps) classroom.  The FBMS Cafeteria seats 650 students.  The Athletic Center features a full-size gym with bleachers, two large locker rooms, a weight room and a heated indoor swimming pool.  

    The Fine Arts Building includes a dance studio, band hall, karate studio, fitness room and a performance theater. The performance theater has seating for 840 audience members, a full bank of stage lights, two mobile spotlights, dressing rooms and a box office.  

    As part of bond-funded renovations, the school has a new fence, new parking lot, a new entrance pavilion, a remodeled library, seven refurbished science labs, two new elevators, and a new electronic marquee.  Other bond-funded upgrades include new windows on the school's gymnasium, new pre-conditioning units to support the school's air conditioning system, updates to the school's electrical system, new outdoor lighting and other improvements regarding ADA compliance.  

    Given its size and array of amenities, the campus of Frank Black Middle School provides an exceptional setting for an outstanding educational experience.