• Coupon Reward System

    Discipline in the Hallways
    • All students must walk on the silver line
    • Students must have hands crossed behind them
    • No talking
    • Students must have a hall pass when leaving class
    • Classes “Caught Being Good” may receive a coupon

    Students may use whisper voices only in the cafeteria
    • Everyday, each class will start lunch with a coupon on their table; if the class maintains good conduct and keeps their area clean, then the class will keep the coupon. The teacher must pick up the coupon from the table.
    • During “Shut-down mode,” students are not permitted to talk. Classes will lose their cafeteria coupon if a students talks during shut-down mode. Shut down mode must be done in intervals and should not last more than 2 minutes
    • Coupons will be distributed by administrators and cafeteria supervisors

    Reward System
    • Students who have perfect lines in the hallways may receive a coupon
    • If a class maintains good conduct and keeps their area clean in the cafeteria, then the class will receive a coupon
    • 50 coupons = popcorn celebration
    • 100 coupons = ice cream celebration
    • 150 coupons = pizza celebration
    • Coupons will be given by administrators and lunch supervisors
    • Teachers will display coupons in the classroom in a creative way so that the number of coupons is visible to the students (Bulletin Board, Number lines, with EDC, Pocket charts, etc.)