Ms. Hernandez

    Ms. Hernandez

    Front Office
    Email: eherna12@houstonisd.org
    Phone: 713-726-3634
     I started working for HISD on my birthday when I turned 18, worked at one campus for a year and then transferred to Parker and have enjoyed it. I don’t teach but I enjoy being with the kids when I do After care.

    · Some of my hobbies are listening to music, writing, reading, going to concerts, playing sports (even if I’m not good at them). I went to Bellaire High School where I wrestled for 3 years and won 2nd place in district for my weight class my senior year, I loved the sport. I like sports in general and of course I’m a big football fanatic. I love the Texans but my favorite team is the Vikings.

    · I love poetry, astronomy, meteorology (I actually wanted to be a meteorologist when I was a kid) and anything having to do with animals, nature, and Earth.

    · My goal is to get a good job and one day go to my dream destination, Ireland. Also take my dad to his dream vacation to Spain and Italy.

    · I was born and raised in Houston in the Gulfton area. I have 3 brothers, 2 older and one younger, and no sisters -_- my mom, my dad and our dog, Oso.