• STEM and Communications Magnet Program

    Sinclair Elementary's STEM and Communications Magnet Program provides students in kindergarten through fifth grade with an opportunity to develop oral, written, and visual communication skills through a wide range of experiences within our integrated STEM, performing arts, and journalistic curriculum.

  • STEM Lab
    Part maker-space, part computer lab, part art studio; STEM Lab is all about creativity and innovation. Students use digital tools such as Scratch, Raspberry Pi, and Python along with physical craft materials to design and build solutions. Recent projects include: arcade games with electronic scoring, interactive posters, and 3D printed geometric figures. 
  • Music Composition & Performance Studio
     Performing in an ensemble setting, students learn important collaborative and analytical skills. Sinclair musicians explore music through play, practice games to enhance music literacy, and pair technology with instruments and signing to produce unique compositions.
  • Drama & Theatre Production
    Students develop self-expression skills using music and movement presented through fables, folk takes and other literary genres, while also being exposed to the technical side of theater. Culmination projects involve video-taped productions of reenactments and drama-driven activities, as well as bi-annual student-run productions.
  • Digital Media & Publications Workshop
     Working with multimedia and graphics software, students demonstrate impressive journalistic and publishing skills. Alumni's works encompass publication of books, newspapers, magazines, brochures, audio-visual presentations, blogs, and web design.